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Missile Defense

Raytheon Atheeb Systems Limited

Raytheon Atheeb Systems Limited (RASL) is a joint venture company owned by Raytheon Company and Atheeb Group. Based in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, RASL is dedicated to excellence in providing command and control capabilities, including state-of-the-art systems and software, and specializes in communications, training, logistics and facilities.

Raytheon and Pannesma, an Atheeb company, are long-term partners in successful program management and delivery of complex Command, Control Communications, Computers and Intelligence (C4I) systems. Collaborative projects include the current C4I program for the Ministry of Defense and Royal Saudi Air Force.

The joint venture represents the commitment of both companies to continue their long-term partnership and presence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and to employ, train and conduct technology transfer involving a greater population of Saudi national citizens.


  • Barry Tripp, Chief Executive Officer
  • Adrian Kemps, Chief Operating Officer
  • Saad Al Baiz, Administrative and Human Resources Director
  • Javed Akhter, Chief Financial Officer
  • Ahmed Al Awad, Executive Manager
  • Gregg Waddoups, General Counsel

Board of Directors

  • Barry Tripp, Director, Command and Control Programs, Mission Systems and Sensors, RASL Chairman
  • Saad Al Baiz, Atheeb Group, CEO and VP, Administration and Human Resources, RASL Board Member
  • Brian Rosselli, VP, Mission Systems and Sensors, RASL Board Member
  • Ted Millspaugh, RASL Board Member
  • David Hanley, COO, Raytheon Saudi Arabia, RASL Board Member

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